11 Fragrances That Kill Mosquitoes on the Spot

In the summer, we all want to spend more time out in the fresh air, take walks in the park, and enjoy the greenery and flowers.

But mosquitoes can ruin even the most wonderful vacations.

We’ve found the recipes for natural fragrances that will scare the mosquitoes away, so you can enjoy the pleasures of summer.

1. Vanilla powder

Mix vanilla powder with baby lotion in the ratio of 1 to 10 and apply it to all the open parts of your body.

You can also dissolve vanillin in water and then spray the mixture on the exposed areas of your skin and your clothes.

2. Essential oils of anise, clove, basil, and eucalyptus

The essential oils of anise, clove, basil, and eucalyptus can scare mosquitoes away if you apply the diluted oils on the exposed areas of your skin (5-10 drops per glass of water) or spray them onto a source of heat, like a fireplace, an aroma lamp, or a heated pan.

You can also dip a cotton ball into the oil and put it on the window sill.

3. Elderflower twigs

Put fresh elderflower twigs in your room. They will scare mosquitoes away just as easily as tomato leaves.

But be careful, the strong smell of elderflower can interrupt your sleep, so it’s better to take the twigs out of your bedroom at night.

4. Clove

Put 5 g of cloves into a glass of water and boil them for 15 minutes.

Mix 10 drops of this brew with 1 tbsp of any cologne and apply the concoction to the exposed areas of your body.

Now you can stay in the open for at least 2 hours, and mosquitoes and gnats will stay away from you.

5. Juniper branches

If you decide to make a fire when sitting outside drop a few juniper branches into it.

6. Cedar oil

The smell of cedar oil scares away not only mosquitoes, but also flies and cockroaches.

7. Sage grass brew

Not a single insect will touch your face if you wash it with the brew of sage grass roots. You need to put a handful of chopped roots into 0.4 gallons of water, bring it to a boil, and let it steep for 20-30 minutes.

8. Pyrethrum

Pyrethrum daisy or Dalmatian chrysanthemum is an old natural remedy against mosquitoes.

The dried flowers, stems, and leaves of this plant can be ground to a powder and will affect the nerve cells of insects.

You can just put a few small bunches of pyrethrum around your apartment or house.

9. Wheatgrass brew

In old times, people used the brew of wheatgrass roots to scare away mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects.

Put a handful of the chopped roots of wheatgrass into 0.4 gallons of water and boil them 3 times so that the brew becomes a light yellow color.

Wash your face and hands with this brew, and not a single mosquito will come near you.

10. Basil leaves

You can use the chopped fresh leaves and flowers of basil, or bird cherry flowers.

Put them in your room or rub them on the exposed areas of your body.

11. Cooking oil, shampoo, and vinegar

To make an effective repellent against mosquitoes and flies, you’ll need cheap cooking oil, shampoo, and 9% vinegar.

Mix these ingredients in equal quantities and stir them thoroughly until you see white foam.

You can spray this concoction on your body, or pour it into a container and leave it open.

The vinegar scares away insects, the shampoo hides the strong smell while the oil is the base of any cream.

This repellent is safe for children and doesn’t have strong smell.

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