Tip to make the curly hair in cheap way of Chinese girl

Put the lock inside the plastic bottle which is cut the mouth, make a hole in the bottle and then dried in a few minutes.

Tight curls, gentle and soft curls, wavy hair – curls are amazing.

And the best part is that they flatter just about any type of hair, and on any length.

But if you’re blessed with poker straight hair, (and we say blessed because straight hair looks amazing too, right?) then what do you do?

Hair curling is an option, but what about hair damage?

Fortunately, there are several techniques that teach you how to curl hair without a curling iron or tongs.

We’ve put down the fastest and the best ways for hair curling.

The video shows woman making  hair curling with a bottle and a hair dryer.

Here is a simple way to have hair curling 

You just need a bottle and a hair dryer!

Put your hair in the bottle 

Then use the hair dryer

Now you have beautiful curly hair!

This is really simple and cheap way to have beautiful curly hair!

Watch video:

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